Saturday, August 06, 2011

Creative Self-Expression & the Process of Making Art

"Art" unfurls in many directions. It can be forced or result from a breezy flow of whimsy. Spiraling from inspiration of one sort or another, a work of art begins to take form, though can remain formless for years of gestation. The endeavor of making art is a Journey or adventure unto itself. The Journey is tantamount to the destination, essential, one might think. But this is all gauged by subjective criteria: economic, social status, personal gratification or fulfillment, et al.

When making art, I am foremost on a journey. But the Journeyis never over til I feel I am indeed at my destination. Whether a song, a screenplay, a mobile app, fashion design, culinary or fragrance recipe, whatever it is it, there is a gestalt which comprises the beginning, the climax, and the completion of the Journey.

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