Saturday, August 06, 2011

Creative Self-Expression & the Process of Making Art

"Art" unfurls in many directions. It can be forced or result from a breezy flow of whimsy. Spiraling from inspiration of one sort or another, a work of art begins to take form, though can remain formless for years of gestation. The endeavor of making art is a Journey or adventure unto itself. The Journey is tantamount to the destination, essential, one might think. But this is all gauged by subjective criteria: economic, social status, personal gratification or fulfillment, et al.

When making art, I am foremost on a journey. But the Journeyis never over til I feel I am indeed at my destination. Whether a song, a screenplay, a mobile app, fashion design, culinary or fragrance recipe, whatever it is it, there is a gestalt which comprises the beginning, the climax, and the completion of the Journey.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Cosmic Angel's Contact Information


T e r e s a A n n F o x w o r t h y
Singer – Songwriter – Screenwriter – Poet – Designer

Children’s Author – Inspirational Speaker – Photographer

Voice Over Artist – Stage/Screen Actor – Radio & TV Host

Conceptual Artist – Performance Artist – Choreographer

Computer Multi-Media Interactive Installation Artist

Producer – Director – Model – Writer – Creative Artist


Magical Innovatrix

Enlightened Entertainment in the 21st Century

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New Moon, New Month, New Year, New Decade

There are infinite possibilities on this adventure of Life. I secured the domain & changed this blog to CosmicAngelTV, too! Cosmic Angel means channeling divine joy through my creative projects in music & film. Some projects are about love, others are about consciousness, spirituality, nature, heart-connection, living more fully, finding the portal of now, and other more esoteric concepts. For me, the esoteric is a bridge between now & forever! This means that no matter how much the mundane responsibilities of your Life may be getting you down, there are endless ways to lift up & out of that downward spiral. Many people I've met or known over the years have confided their challenges, & believe me, I've had my fair share, but like a yoga practice, emotional yoga, I've studied Law of Attraction & am on a path of ascension. These 'ascension pathways', for truly there are many, can lift you up to your highest good. If you want more info, just let me know.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A New Year...A New Beginning

Jumping for Joy that a New Year has begun! Let's all create a little more Heaven in 2011!! This year, with new mobile app projects flourishing, I'll be focusing more on songwriting, screenwriting, voice overs, & modeling. If you are needing someone with these skills, let me know. Meanwhile, I'll be creating up a new Universe of Goddess Bliss!