Friday, July 02, 2004

Too few, the many...

Can you hear them? The sweet morning creatures that sing with the joy of children. Birdsong... Not since I lived in Maryland have I heard such lovely sounds. Northern California didn't seem to have these sweet sounding birds. With the Tranquility CD playing softly, all night long, I'm wondering if I will now make it to bed, and rest, or dream.

The passion I've re-kindled for my life, now keeps me up most nights. I have so much to say, and feel, and express. It's not so much for others, though I do want to contribute to this global transformation. I feel the depths of my own being evolving as I endeavor with each work of art, each email, each website I build, each walk on the beach.

Connecting with people is perhaps where just as many peak experiences happen. The dynamic synergy of sympathetic resonance is so exhilariting. When we gather together, I re-discover the vistas I've found in my soul, during my solitary quests. The shades of light and dark sculpt my technicolor existence. The weary lapses of adequate stimulation are no match for the brillance of the dawning consciousness that shines ever brighter.

I've started the Music Club. Teach voice. Write screenplays, songs, books, letters, and web copy. I phone family and friends. Each moment brings so much meaning. Guided by the wisdom which is inherent in each moment, for I seek it out, my heart is calm, my mind peaceful, and my soul more alive. There are few truths, but those that exist, seem eternal and infinite.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004


Wonders of the world...

I was chosen to be one of 150 artists, chosen from more than 1500 applicants, to participate in Tim Sweeney's Independent Artists Conference!!! Nobody makes me laugh and cry so often as Tim did this past week. For four days, we dove deep into our psyches in order to re-emerge as saavy, truly independent artists. This means I know who I am as an artist and what my music is about. I've got it down to a minute: Yes, well, I'm bringing the Goddess mainstream with my genre-fusing magic that gets people up dancing with the trancing and diving into the heart with some soulful ballads. My music weaves tales of power, love, spirituality, and evolution. Birthing new sounds...that's my gig.

Also found out some people close to me are dying or dead. I mean, dropping their bodies, checkin-out... Sad for us, probably pretty cosmic for them. Hope they say "Hi" to my brother and other family and friends that have gone before... Life is the Trip, or just a time out?! Seems all about the heart, if you ask me. Guess, I 'll keep diving deeper... Makes me want to say, "Find out who your friends are, and then take real good care of them." Ain't nothing can ever replace them.

Monday, June 07, 2004

Don't Blink!

It's been about a month exactly since my first and most recent post. That gives you an idea about how busy I've been. Now I'm zoomin' in preparation for a music conference. I've been swirled up in logistics, but I still write lyrics all the time. The vocal coaching I've been doing is really great. My clients are the best! They are so dedicated, so we're on the same wavelength and cheer each other onward.

Art is everywhere and nowhere. Everywhere because my mind perceives as only an artist would. And nowhere, because there is never enough in this age of aesthetic sterility. What was the last, most excellent, transcendent-inspiring work-of-art that you heard, saw, watched, or experienced? Really, I'd love to know. There's more inspiration that we all need.

But life keeps zooming...that Pink Floyd line..."and then one day you find, ten years have passsed you by..." is too true. Don't blink, you'll want to savor every moment. Especially in Ayla's Universe.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

STARS 4 AYLA - the blog begins

Now, this is what I like.
Time and cyberspace to expand my universe.
How are you?
Things are percolating here in Ayla-land.
With a new pink living space,
and a new peach-coloured studio,
I'm in Ayla-Heaven!

Walks on the beach have been
great of late.

Lots of classical music when I'm not making my own.

This summer is going to be fantastic!