Tuesday, June 22, 2004


Wonders of the world...

I was chosen to be one of 150 artists, chosen from more than 1500 applicants, to participate in Tim Sweeney's Independent Artists Conference!!! Nobody makes me laugh and cry so often as Tim did this past week. For four days, we dove deep into our psyches in order to re-emerge as saavy, truly independent artists. This means I know who I am as an artist and what my music is about. I've got it down to a minute: Yes, well, I'm bringing the Goddess mainstream with my genre-fusing magic that gets people up dancing with the trancing and diving into the heart with some soulful ballads. My music weaves tales of power, love, spirituality, and evolution. Birthing new sounds...that's my gig.

Also found out some people close to me are dying or dead. I mean, dropping their bodies, checkin-out... Sad for us, probably pretty cosmic for them. Hope they say "Hi" to my brother and other family and friends that have gone before... Life is the Trip, or just a time out?! Seems all about the heart, if you ask me. Guess, I 'll keep diving deeper... Makes me want to say, "Find out who your friends are, and then take real good care of them." Ain't nothing can ever replace them.

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