Tuesday, April 05, 2005

you do what you can

too many moons pass without a peep
then like an unexpected wave
the flood gates open

this past year has been one of intense focus
i guess it takes a lot of bricks to lay the foundation
for something as big as i'm envisioning

the endless learning of life living through me
gets ups early and stays up late
somedays i just garden to feel the earth and
smell the sweet blooms of Spring

other times, its four a.m. and i'm just listening
to the night...so peaceful...i almost feel guilty
enjoying the sanctuary that i've created

to birth the dream alive
to surf the contractions
and edge the stream

this is what my life has been about

i record my dreams
drum up new raw gourmet dishes
coach others how to birth their dreams

and yet, am waiting for my turn
i mean i walk in Truth everyday
but Life seems to have another lesson

the Goddess philosophy is so misunderstood
yet it is so sacred and beyond powerful
it takes me so deep within my consciousness

a long time ago, I thought, lifestyle is the ultimate art form
and in this push-button, hi-speed world,
i still agree...

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